Write to your candidate


We ask all Caabu supporters to write to their election candidates and seek their views on important Middle Eastern issues.

You can see who is standing in your constituency here, and find contact details for each candidate. Through the Palestine Solidarity Campaign's website you are also able to email and see candidate views on Palestine.

Please do pass on any correspondence you receive to Caabu by emailing Joseph Willits at [email protected].

Below are five questions which we recommend you could ask your election candidates:

1) Do you believe the time has come to recognise Palestine?

2) Do you agree that we should stop trade with Israel's settlements on Palestinian land, and stop settlement goods being sold in Britain?

3) Do you agree that the UK’s resettlement of 143 Syrian refugees is not nearly enough?

4) Do you think human rights should be an important part of British Foreign Policy?

5) Do you think Britain has a coherent Middle East policy?