UK Elections 2024 and the Middle East

The UK will go to the polls for a General Election on 4 July 2024. Parliament was dissolved on 30 May 2024.

Although the economy is likely to dominate this election, the issue of Gaza and Palestine cannot go ignored. We hope that this page can be a resource for those who are interested in what is being said about the Middle East, through highlighting policy positions from UK political parties. 

We would also encourage you to write to your local candidates to get an idea of their stance on Palestine and we have suggestions of questions that you can ask them. These can be found below. Please send the correspondence you receive to Malaka El-Gammal ([email protected]).

We will continuously update this website as party manifestos are published and as the correspondence from your local General Election candidates start to come through. 

Some suggested questions to put to your parliamentary candidates this election. 
An overview of the positions on Palestine from the UK political parties.
The page will detail the policies and comments from political parties about the Middle East and issues that you may find of interest. It will include…