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Chris Doyle on BBC News at Ten

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Syrian sanctions: What to do next? Article by Chris Doyle in Arab News, 25 November 2019

Syria Eight Years on by Chris Doyle 15 March 2019

Sweida massacre deserves the same attention as attacks in the West - Chris Doyle in Arab News, 31 July 2018

Turkey’s Syrian occupation may be self-defeating Chris Doyle in Arab News, 7 May 2018

The abject ineffectiveness of the Eastern Ghouta ceasefire in Arab News - 26 February 2018

Is there any hope left for Syria? -Article on CNN by Chris Doyle -21 September 2016

Syrian conflict: US, Europe have been pushed to the fringes in Syria - article for CNN by Chris Doyle - 8 September 2016

Aleppo - Beyond a ceasefire  - in Al Arabiya by Chris Doyle - 15 September 2016

The EU's historic shame: sending back refugees by Joseph Willits in the New Arab 9 April 2016

Palmyra is not a war trophy  in Al Arabiya by Chris Doyle 30 March 2016

Syria – the seven pillars of failure by Chris Doyle  in Al Arabiya, 14 March 2016

Syrian ceasefire will simply not happen in a week - Oped in the Daily Telegraph by Chris Doyle, 12 February 2016

Air strikes on Syria: Syrians don’t need our bombs, but they do need our solidarity by Chris Doyle in the Independent on Sunday, 28 November 2015 

Article in the Independent on Syria's war economy by Chris Doyle 24 October 2015 

Syrians cannot afford a Geneva III - Article by Chris Doyle in Al Arabiya English, 23 January 2014

4 things you need to know about Geneva II - Article by Chris Doyle in the Guardian, 22 January 2014

It is tragic that only reports of chemical attacks return international attention to Syria - Article in Left Foot Forward by Caabu's Joseph Willits 23 August 2013

Iraq and Syria are fragile states but borders are surprisingly resilient: Caabu board member John McHugo writes for Chatham House's 'The World Today', August 2013

Syria needs political solution to make rebuilding manageable - Article in the National, 22 June 2013 by Chris Doyle

Caabu urges all political parties in the UK to unite to push for a political solution to end the crisis in Syria - 30 August 2013

Is solving the Syria crisis, mission impossible? Article by Chris Doyle in Ceasefire magazine, September 2012 

Kofi Annan's resignation is no surprise, his Syria peace plan undermined - Article in the Guardian by Chris Doyle, 2 August 2012

The Syria crisis is aggravating old tensions in Lebanon  - Article in the Guardian by Chris Doyle, 7 March 2012

Syria is the Arab League's chance to prove itself - Article in the Guardian by Chris Doyle 11 November 2011

Article: Arab League’s Syria Plan: too little, too late? Ceasefire Magazine 6 November 2011

Syrians have been let down by the UN - Article by Chris Doyle in the Guardian - 5 October 2011

Why foreign intervention is not welcome in Syria - Article in the Guardian - 14 June 2011


Parliamentary activity

Crispin Blunt MP on his visit to Syrian refugees on a Caabu delegation to Lebanon - 3 February 2014

Adjournment debate on impact of Syrian crisis on Lebanon (Secured by Caabu Co-Chair, Andy Love MP)- 7 March 2012



What did the 'London 11' acheive for Syria? - Chris Doyle, 22 October 2013

What Asad regime lies tell us about chemical weapons use - Chris Doyle, 5 September 2013

Syria post Houla massacre - few options for the West, Chris Doyle, 30 May 2012

Caabu Board member Jonathan Fryer on Syria - 29 February 2012

Questions hang over Arab League peace plan for Syria - 3 November 2011

Caabu hosts meeting with Syrian human rights defenders - 5 October 2011


Press Releases 


UN Security Council Resolution 2401 on Syria was dead on arrival - 26 February 2018

Caabu bemoans total failure of international community to help Syrian civilians - 2 June 2016

Caabu joins 57 NGOs welcoming air drops, and demanding an end to sieges in Syria - 27 May 2016

Caabu welcomes UK decision to take in most vulnerable Syrian refugees - 31 January 2014

Contact your MP urging them to vote for the UK to resettle the most vulnerable Syrian refugees - 24 January 2014

All those at Geneva II have a responsibility to Syrians to end this crisis - 22 January 2014

Letter to the Prime Minister from Caabu and other agencies calls on UK to take refugees from Syria - published in the Independent - 18 January 2014

Syria's health system is at "breaking point" warn over 50 doctors in an open letter in The Lancet - 16 September 2013

Caabu welcomes PCC decision against a complaint by Ribal al-Assad - 30 July 2013

The EU should open its borders to Syrian refugees, says Caabu director Chris Doyle at briefing with Islamic Relief - 15 May 2013

Caabu calls on British government to oppose Israeli oil and gas exploration in the Golan Heights - 28 February 2013

Caabu Director emphasises need for all out effort for Syria ceasefire - 24 October 2012

Caabu calls for urgent measures to resolve Syrian crisis including strengthened monitoring mission - 12 February 2012

Historic opposition conference in Syria should be given chance to succeed - 27 June 2011

Caabu appalled by continued violence in Syria and urges immediate end to repression - 20 May 2011