The EU should open its borders to Syrian refugees, says Caabu director Chris Doyle at briefing with Islamic Relief

Posted by Caabu on 17 May 2013

Caabu's director Chris Doyle has called on the EU to open its borders for Syrian refugees, and has called on other countries to do more to ease the burden on Syria's nieghbours. In an article in the Guardian today about half a million refugees fleeing Syria in the past 10 weeks, Doyle's comments at a parliamentary briefing with Islamic Relief on the Syrian humanitarian crisis, have been quoted. He says:

"In Jordan, roughly 10% of the population is now Syrian refugees. Zaatari camp is now the fifth largest city in Jordan. By the end of the year, a quarter of Jordan's population will be [Syrian] refugees .... Likewise in Lebanon ... roughly a quarter of the population is now Syrian, made up of refugees and Syrians who live and work there. At what point are other countries going to step up to the plate and start taking some of these refugees. I think that it is unconscionable to the neighbouring states who have taken on so much, and that the European Union countries have to open their doors, other countries have to open their doors because if they don't those countries will be paying for their humanitarian crises next as well."