Caabu Press Release: Historic opposition conference in Syria should be given chance to succeed

Posted by Caabu on 27 Jun 2011


Caabu: Historic opposition conference in Syria should be given chance to succeed


Caabu’s Director, Chris Doyle has called on the Syrian regime to give every chance for the historic opposition conference taking place in Damascus today to succeed.  

In various interviews in the British media, he said that such a “conference has not happened in years. It is a very positive sign that the regime has approved such a meeting at the highest levels.  It is vital for a national dialogue to take place that opponents of the regime are allowed to meet together and agree on a common platform.   This has to be a first step. Having spoken to conference organisers, the key demand they have is that they will never get into the dialogue while the killing and violence continues.  It is crucial that Syrians see a political road map out of the crisis.”

The conference brings together over 200 Syrian activists and opponents of the regime in Damascus. Those attending are, according to organisers, not members of any political movement. The meeting is being held in public with the media being allowed to attend. It is expected that a statement will be made at the end of the conference in a few hours time.

Some opponents of the regime have decided not to participate arguing that they would not do so until all the killing had ended. Doyle commented that “this does not represent every shade of Syrian opposition, not least the Muslim Brotherhood, but they are an important constituency nonetheless.”


27 June 2011


[You can listen to Chis Doyle discussing this conference on the Guardian live blog]

Notes to editors:

  1. For more information contact Chris Doyle, on + 44207 832 1321 or +447968 040281. 
  2. The opposition conference is taking place on Monday 27 June 2011 at the Semiramis hotelin Damascus 
  3.  Around 1400 Syrians have reportedly been killed since the protests began in March, and some 10,000 Syrians have been arrested.