Why Caabu's work matters?

This is a video showcasing the importance of our work in light of our 50th anniversary.

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About the video:
This year marks Caabu's 50th anniversary, after it was founded on the terrace of the House of Commons back in 1967 after the Six-Day war. Since then it has grown to become one of the most active NGOs working on the Middle East in British parliament.
As the video shows, from its very early years Caabu has taken on a strong educational and media role, speaking to an average of 10-15,000 British schoolchildren a year and frequently giving interviews on broadcasting networks, helping to inform the public and challenge stereotypes. Furthermore, our advocacy role in parliament and delegations programme have been some of our most effective tools in changing UK political views about the Middle East.
The video features prominent politicians such as Baroness Sayeeda WarsiAndy Slaughter MP and Paula Sherriff MP, who have all been on Caabu delegations to the region and have maintained an active role since, reaffirming the importance of such delegations and parliamentary ties to Caabu's work. Academic and author, Dr H.A. Hellyer is also featured in the video.
Caabu's parliamentary delegations give British politicians the opportunity to meet individuals such as Nora Sub-Laban, an Occupied East Jerusalem resident who faces eviction from her home, in order that illegal settlers can move in. 
Our roots in parliament can be traced back to our formation itself by a small group of MPs. These roots have grown over the years and in the last Parliament we had over 100 members in the House of Commons and House of Lords and acted as the secretariat of three All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs).
In addition, our highly successful series of delegations allows MPs and Peers to visit the region and experience its key issues first hand. Caabu has led over 60 parliamentary delegations to the Arab world since 1997.   
We hope that this video gives a small taster of these vital aspects of our work and also provides an ideal platform for new people to find out about our work and hopefully get involved.