Israeli annexation

Caabu opposes annexation of territory as a fundamental breach of international law. This includes Israel's annexation of the Syrian Golan Heights and East Jerusalem.  Caabu has played a leading role in pushing the UK government to challenge any Israeli annexation of the occupied West Bank. 

In May 2020, Caabu organised a letter to the British Prime Minister backed  by 149 British politicians calling on the Government to "make clear publicly to Israel that any annexation will have severe consequences including sanctions". Boris Johnson replied to this letter on 1 June 2020, and whilst he said that annexation would be against international law, it failed to show how Britain would tackle an illegal Israeli annexation. Crispin Blunt MP responded to this letter, calling on the British Government to make clear its position on annexation and trade with Israel. In the House of Commons on 16 June 2020, Crispin Blunt MP also challenged Prime Minister Boris Johnson on illegal Israeli annexation:

In a response to a letter to the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab from Caabu Chair Rt Hon David Jones MP, the Foreign Office and DFID Minister responsible to the Middle East, Rt Hon James Cleverly MP has affirmed in April 2020 the UK Government position that Israel's annexation plans of occupied Palestinian territory is contrary to international law. 

Resources on Israeli annexation Videos  Caabu hosted an online briefing with Dr Hanan Ashrawi: Stopping annexation and ending occupation - the role…