What schools and students say

What teachers we have worked with say...

"It was a fantastic talk and I know from student feedback, they found it extremely interesting and it certainly broadened their existing understanding of the conflict. The overall consensus from both students and staff was that the speech was fantastic and presented in a very clear manner, which was great for those who had a limited understanding, and enabled those who were aware of the conflict to ask further questions." Sarah Gadd, Saffron Walden Country High School

"A very impressive session, which engaged the students and was thought-provoking. Thank you!" Nicky Jenkin, Sir William Perkin's School

"Informative and entertaining." Barbara Usher, The Coopers Company and Coborn School

"Another excellent talk...it captivated the audience like no other this term!" Tom Bennett, Royal Grammar School

What students say ...

"It was really good, brilliant. Thank you."

"Best this year!"

"Why aren't we taught about this in our other lessons?"

"I didn't know about any of that stuff before."

"As well as learning about the conflict, we also learnt about the huge importance of human rights for anyone involved in situations like these and a problem that we might consider to be fairly small can actually make someone's life a struggle to survive."

"A very relevant talk by a very confident and competent spaker. Hugely informative and stimulating."

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