Vyvyan Kinross

Vyvyan Kinross Caabu

Vyvyan Kinross has spent over 30 years in the PR and communications business, having initially trained and worked as a magazine journalist with IPC Business Press. He is the author of Information Warriors: The Battle for Hearts and Minds in the Middle East, published in April 2020.

As a management consultant, Vyvyan has specialised in advising governments on the systems and processes necessary for the setting up and management of their information function, most recently working in Abu Dhabi, UAE and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, where he was an advisor to the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of the Interior on a project to improve standards of corporate governance.

In 2013, he became Senior Advisor in Public Administration & Organisational Capacity Development at the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) Copenhagen, as a subject matter expert (SME) in PR & corporate communications systems in fragile and post-conflict states. He is a Graduate in Modern Arabic Studies from the University of Durham.

Twitter: @VyvyanKinross