Joseph Willits

Joseph Willits originally joined Caabu in May 2012 as a volunteer. He became Caabu’s Parliamentary and Events Officer in March 2013.

Before arriving at Caabu, Joseph was a deputy editor at the political website, ConservativeHome. In 2010, Joseph spent a significant time teaching in Homs, Syria. He has written about his experiences for the Guardian: ‘The cult of Bashar al-Assad’.

He has also written for Left Foot Forward about chemical attacks in Syria: It is tragic that only reports of chemical attacks return international attention to Syria and for the Runnymede Trust's Race Card blog on Arab stereotypes: Hooked on Arab Stereotypes. Joseph has been frequently quoted in the media on several occasions and has made numerous TV and radio appearances. He has also led some of Caabu's school talks on Islamophobia, Arab and Muslim stereotypes, multiculturalism and the situation in Syria. He is also involved in the organisation and running of the All Party Parliamentary Jordan group on behalf of Caabu. 

He tweets @josephwillits.

To contact Joseph you can email ([email protected]) or telephone (0207 832 1325).