Caabu Patron Baroness Sayeda Warsi on 'Reshaping Palestinian Narratives' at the 2022 Doha Forum

Caabu Patron Rt Hon Baroness Sayeda Warsi speaks on a panel on Reshaping Palestinian Narratives: Who is Listening And Can it Make a Difference? This was at the 2022 Doha Forum on 27 March 2022.

Other speakers: Peter Beinart, Editor-at-Large, Jewish Currents, Diana Buttu, Palestinian Lawyer, Analyst and Former Legal Advisor to the PLO Negotiation Team, Fadi Quran, Campaign Director, AVAAZ with Daniel Levy President of the USMEP as Chair.


A new briefing paper published by the USMEP and the International Crisis Group as part of our ongoing partnership. That paper, “The Israeli Government’s Old-New Palestine Strategy” can be read here. It is a paper that looks at the developments in the policies of the key protagonists since the events of almost one year ago and concludes that the drift back to a business-as-usual approach is ill-suited to advancing security and peace for Palestinians and Israelis alike or for the belated realization of Palestinian rights and of ending the occupation; it goes on to make a number of suggestions as to how this slippage might be challenged and contains a warning that the existing approach is accelerating the countdown to the next cycle of violence which the paper notes as being a real possibility in the future.