Andy Slaughter MP asks about UK recognition of Palestine

Andy Slaughter MP asks Foreign Office Minister, James Cleverly at Foreign Office questions about the possibility of UK recognition of Palestine - 13 October 2020

At Foreign Office questions on 13 October,  Andy Slaughter MP asked when the UK might recognise a state of Palestine.  He cited the then Foreign Secretary, the now British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson who stated in an interview with an Israeli newspaper in March 2017: "What we are saying is that you have to have a two-state solution or else you have a kind of apartheid system.” 

Unfortunately, the Minister did not take the opportunity to set out when the UK might do this. Even though the government still supports a two-state solution, it only recognises one state.  Recognition of a state of Palestine should not be dependent on the outcome of a political progress but a right that Britain must recognise.