Write to urge UK government action on human rights abuses in Jerusalem

10 May 2021

We remain deeply outraged by current events in Jerusalem and the escalation in Gaza, notably the forced evictions and dispossessions of Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah which constitute a war crime, and the violence Israeli forces have deployed at Al Aqsa mosque and against those in occupied East Jerusalem facing forced eviction - not to mention the violence from Israeli settlers with government backing and support.

Please see Caabu's statement demanding that the UK government must take action to stop Israeli war crimes in occupied East Jerusalem.

We urge you to write to the Prime Minister, the Foreign Secretary and your MPs, to urge the UK government to issue the following:

  • A clear condemnation of Israeli actions inside the Al Aqsa mosque, including the use of violence and force, live ammunition and stun grenades.
  • A clear condemnation of the forced eviction and dispossession families in occupied East Jerusalem, notably in Sheikh Jarrah, which would constitute a war crime.
  • A clear condemnation of the force used against these families In Sheikh Jarrah and those in solidarity with them.  
  • A clear condemnation of continued Israeli human rights abuses and violations in Jerusalem, other parts of the West Bank and throughout the Occupied Palestinian territory.
  • Actions not just statements. It should be demanded of the UK government that there should be consequences for Israel's egregious human rights abuses.
  • Call on the UK government to prevent the repetition of the Israeli destruction of Gaza as witnessed in previous aggression in 2006, 2009, 2012, 2014 and 2018. The UK government should be urged to hold all sides fully accountable for their actions including by supporting the ICC investigation into the actions of Israeli and Hamas leaders.

Encourage your Members of Parliament to also demand the points above of the UK government. Other things to demand of them:

You could also write to the Leader of the Opposition, Keir Starmer to urge him to back such actions.