The UK Government must do more to prevent more death, destruction and degradation in Gaza: Caabu joins organisations in demanding action of the UK Government and MPs

In a full page advert taken out in the Times on 21 March 2024, with Gaza on the brink of famine, Caabu has joined other organisations calling on the  UK government to do more to prevent death, destruction and degradation in Gaza. 

The advert states and demands the following: 

If we want to save lives, tackle starvation and disease, as well as provide the best opportunity for all the hostages to be released, MPs should support an immediate and permanent ceasefire.

If we want to see aid provided at scale for all those in Gaza who need it, MPs should support the resumption of funding to UNRWA and insist on unfettered humanitarian access to ensure that aid reaches all areas of Gaza without hindrance. 

If we want to ensure that the body of law established after the Second World War to protect us all is respected, MPs should support the suspension of arms sales to those suspected of breaking it, including the Government of Israel.

UK Govt must do more