Does UKIP hate Islam? Blog by Joseph Willits

Does UKIP hate Islam?

By Joseph Willits

22 April 2015

UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, is not happy with the accusations that UKIP is a party comprised of the racist and the bigoted. He highlights BME candidates (all of which are in unwinnable seats), that this is testament to that fact. Yet does this view stack up?

To say that some views of UKIP candidates are merely Islamophobic, is an injustice to the seriousness of some of the comments, which can only be termed as anti-Muslim hate. Whilst some standing for local election were suspended, there are others who members of the public will get a chance to vote for on 7 May. These are far from being 'fringe' elements of the party. 

Perhaps what is more worrying is the support that much of UKIP's rhetoric attracts, even if they themselves say it is publicly unwanted. In Europe too, UKIP has official friends with appalling views on Muslims and Islam. So, does UKIP hate Islam? 

General Election 2015 Candidates

Stephen Latham (West Bromwich East)

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So the Muslims have infiltrated the Labour party. What a surprise. Who would have guessed such a thing was possible? The Labour Party of Diane Abbott and Harriet Harman infiltrated by the evil cult of Islam. Wow.” 

Gerard Batten MEP (Romford)

UKIP MEP Gerard Batten commissioned a charter in 2006 saying that Muslims should sign a declaration renouncing violence. He said in 2010 that it was a big mistake for Europe to allow “an explosions of mosques across their land”. Batten stood for Mayor of London in 2008, and said:

“As London Mayor I would refuse all planning applications for new mosques. No new mosques could be built in London until there was a place of non-Muslim worship in Mecca. It was a big mistake for European countries to allow this explosion of mosques across their land. We’ve got about 1,200 in the UK, of which half are run by extremists, and I worry for the future of what that actually means.”

Image removed.He described Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders as “intelligent”, “decent” and “heroic because he is standing up for western liberal democracy in the face of an ideology that wants to destroy it”.

Wilders was invited to screen his film by Lord Pearson, who was leader of UKIP between 2009 and 2010. Pearson said that “the Muslims are breeding ten times faster than us.” Wilders was able to screen his film in the House of Lords in 2010.

Batten revived his calls for Muslims to sign a declaration renouncing violence following the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January 2015.

In April 2013, Batten also said Kosovans were criminals and that Kosovo should be kept out of the European Union:

"We already have plenty of criminals from Kosovo in London, despite the fact it's not yet a member of the EU. EU entry would enable yet more to come. We already have enough, thank you very much."

Anne Marie Waters (Lewisham East)

“For a start the immigration will have to stop, the immigration from Islamic countries has to stop entirely, that is just the way it is. A lot of people need to be deported. Many mosques need to be closed down. It really has to get tough” – spoke at a rally for MARIAS (Mothers Against Radical Islam and Sharia) who have close links to the EDL.

Magnus Nielsen (Hampstead and Kilburn):

“Islam is organised crime under religious camouflage...Islam was created by a man called Muhammad who was a gang leader of criminals.” (

He has also described Muhammad as a "criminal psychopath", "the first cult leader" and "psychiatrically deranged". (

“This country has been at war with Islam since Islam was created 1,300 years ago. In fact, Islam has been the enemy of every democratic and free society ever since. And it’s gaining strength. And it’s not just a question of burning people or cutting their heads off, it’s an insidious movement to infiltrate all the organs of government” – also spoke at rally for MARIAS with fellow candidate Anne Marie Waters. (

Alan Harris (Oxford West and Abingdon)

“Fucking Muslims” don’t want bacon sandwiches.

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David Coburn (Falkirk, also a UKIP MEP in Scotland)

“Humza Yousaf, or as I call him, Abu Hamza” – SNP minister Humza Yousaf compared to a convicted terrorist. 

Bill Walker (Aldershot)

UKIP's candidate in Aldershot Bill Walker suggested on Facebook that he thought "clinical strikes" on mosques or in "places like Luton and Bradford" would be a good idea:

"Now that Britain has been identified as the main source of Islamic jihadists carrying out bombings in Europe (latest in Sweden this week) I wonder when clincial strikes will be made on mosques known to teach their poison and if areas in places like Luton and Bradford will be targeted as well. Just a thought......"

After the earthquake in Nepal, Walker also described Gurkhas stationed in the UK as "parasites". Walker also retweeted a racist cartoon posted by the British National Party (BNP).

Martyn Ford (Swansea West)

“Islamic Terror Abuse of Our Children. The consequence of multiculturalism... Segregated Muslim communities have proved a fertile breeding ground for Islamic extremists, a direct result of uncontrolled immigration encouraged by the political elite” – candidates election literature.

Kalvin Chapman (Stretford and Urmston)

"Just shows how despicable Islam is and how fucked up its proponents are" - Facebook post about the execution of a British man in Pakistan under blasphemy laws. Chapman denied he was a bigot, saying that he has "a lot of Muslim friends." 

Raymond Shamash (Hendon)

“I am not Islamophobic, I am fearful. What is Islamophobia? It is not someone who hates Muslims – it is someone who fears them...There are 2.8 million people [in the UK] who are ideologically and religiously opposed to us. I am fearful of a minority that sees us Jews as a potential target for attack.”

Shamash also warned about accepting refugees from "Syria, Eritrea, Mali and other failed states in the throes of war, corruption and Islamic extremism" because "we might put our own citizens at risk by allowing migration from countries where violent extremism and terrorism is a day-today occurence" following huge numbers of deaths in the Mediterranean. Shamash suggested setting up "detention camps" outside of Europe to "sort out the genuine refugees from economic migrants". He reiterated calls from Nigel Farage that Christian refugees "especially from Syria" should be offered asylum in the UK, but that "Muslim refugees could and should be offered asylum by huge rich countries sich as Saudi Arabia." 

Shamash became UKIP’s candidate in Hendon after his predecessor Jeremy Zeid said that President Obama should be kidnapped by Israel like a Nazi war criminal. (

Keith Fraser (Hackney North and Stoke Newington)

UKIP's candidate in Hackney North and Stoke Newington issued a grovelling apology after retweeting an image of St. George lancing the Prophet Muhammad up the bottom. The poster read: "Happy St George's Day infidels. Fraser said that he "genuinely didn't realise the meaning."

This is not the first time that UKIP candidates have retweeted hate and anti-Muslim rhetoric. The deaths in the Mediterranean prompted a UKIP local election candidate in Plymouth, Peter Endean to retweet a meme actively mocking the deaths, captioned "Labour's floating voters. Coming to a country near you soon." Endean blamed his "large fingers" for retweeting hatred. He said the mocking of hundreds of dead in the Mediterrean was "totally against my Christian beliefs."











Julia Reid (Chippenham)

Whilst a UKIP councillor and candidate in 2014 European Elections, Julia Reid retweeted a Tweet from a user who has long Tweeted anti-Muslim hatred, @DavidJo52951945, saying that "Islam has no place in the UK needs banning." Reid said that she was "unaware" that she had retweeted. 

UKIP in local elections

In 2014, Brits had the opportunity to vote in local elections. A whole host of UKIP local election candidates asserted their hatred of Islam and Muslims. There will also be some local elections of May 7 2015.

Shaun Hobson (UKIP local election candidate in May 2015 in Nottingham)

Hobson shared a number of horrendous images on his Facebook accounts, including one which called for Muslims to be attacked on "kick a Moslem up the arse Friday". 

Heino Vockrodt (UKIP local election candidate in Brent)

“Islam is a totalitarian ideology. It is against multi-culturalism and everything modern Britain stands for.”

“I accuse Brent council of turning a blind eye to this unlawful development for fear of being called racists when, just like in all the other cases where Muslims are grooming children to sex slaves under the eyes of the authorities, the council does nothing for political correctness.”

“This neighbourhood is already exploding under the weight of segregation. All the old owners of the neighbouring shops have been squeezed out by Muslims. The entire parade — once lovely owner/occupier shops — resembles Helmand Province now.”  

Harry Perry (UKIP local election candidate in Stockport)

“Islam is evil”, Muslims “devil kids”, and called for Pakistan to be “nuked”. Perry was suspened.

Jackie Garnett (UKIP local election candidate in Oldham)

“Ban Islam and knock down all mosques.” Garnett was suspended.

Ken Chapman (UKIP local election candidate in Amber Valley)

Islam is a cancer that needs eradicating multiculturism does not work in this country clear them all off to the desert with their camels that’s their way of life.”

James Elgar (UKIP local election candidate in Runnymede)

“#ThingsAsianBoysDo saying they “groom and rape underage white girls, stab and rob innocent old white people, bomb innocent white people.” Ukip said any renewal application for his party membership, (which hd run out), would be refused.

Joseph Quirk (UKIP election candidate in South Tyneside)

“Well, I reckon dogs are more intelligent, better company and certainly better behaved than most Muslims.”

Dave Small (UKIP Councillor in Redditch)

 "I visiting the city of Birmingham recently and felt like a foreigner in the city of my birth, all around me I could hear the sound of jabbering in an alien voice … we also have the Pakistani' and the Somali's. Tell me Mr Cameron Why? the men wear their Pyjamas”.

Small was sacked.

Aidan Benoit (UKIP local election candidate in Barnsley)

 “Islam makes money on everything that is Halal certified which goes to their courses so everything you buy your giving money to Islam. so your paying for them and you don’t even no because they do not tell us!”

“I will make sure if i ever see halal products they get damaged or left out to go off I dont want this c**p in my shops.” 


David Wycherley (UKIP local election candidate in Walsall)

“Can somebody explain please...Mo Farah, an African from Somalia, who trains in America, has won a gold medal for Great Britain!”

UKIP and Syria

The British Government said in December 2013 that it would focus efforts on humanitarian assistance in the region, rather than resettlement of Syrian refugees in the UK. It was a shock to many that such a decision was challenged by Nigel Farage, saying that:"refugees are a very different thing to economic migration and I think that this country should honour the spirit of the 1951 declaration on refugee status". Many UKIP supporters were angry at Farage's comments and the next day he said that only Christian refugees should be resettled in the UK. In April 2015, after huge numbers of people perished in the Mediterranean, Farage once again stated that he had "no problem" with Christian refugees being resettled in the UK. Farage said that he could not be "accused of being closed minded" as he had been in favour of accepting Christian refugees from Syria. 

UKIP's candidate in Hackney North and Stoke Newington, Keith Fraser said that the UK should charter planes to send ISIS sympathisers to Syria:

"We have many young people wanting to join up with their ‘brothers’ in IS. Let them bloody well go...Instead let’s find out who wants to go and we can then spend public money in chartering our own planes to take them there. We don’t need these traitors in our beloved country. They can hand over their British passports on the way out and say don’t ever try and come back."



Endorsements and groupings

Britain First

The far-right political group has endorsed UKIP for the election this May. In some of its literature it said that its work “in the Muslim ghettoes” will combine with “major Ukip gains” to turn the election into a “game changer”. 2015 will be “the year of Britain First and Ukip”, the group said, and predicted a “resurgence of right-wing patriotism in Britain”.

After Nigel Farage was confronted by anti-UKIP activists at a Kent pub in March 2015, Britain First resorted to vigilantism “to give them a taste of their own medicine...give these traitors their comeuppance”, threatening and assaulting members of the group. They also offered armoured vehicles to protect Nigel Farage in Scotland.

In 2014, Britain First “invaded mosques across the country, harassing (and in some cases assaulting) worshippers, in East London, South East London, Bradford, Glasgow , Luton and in the North West. As part of their ‘Christian crusade’ they handed out Bibles.  These ‘Christian Patrols’ were relaunched in January 2015 in ‘Muslim-Occupied East London’.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said on many occasions that Britain needs to stand up for its ‘Judaeo-Christian values’.


In April 2013, ahead of local elections in the UK, the then leader of the EDL Tommy Robinson endorsed UKIP:

"I remember a speech Lord Pearson done 2 years ago, he was the ex-leader of where he questioned about the EDL, and everything he said in his speech about what is happening to this country about the demographics of Islam, and the Muslim birth rate, and the threat to the nation. I remember watching that and thinking: "he has got it on the head; he's hitting every nail on the head, I agree with everything he is saying. But to hear a well-educated; say for example my own mother doesn't agree with what I stand for; but when I show like Lord Pearson saying what we are saying, because they are saying exactly what we say, just in a different way - do you know what I mean?"

UKIP said they did not welcome the endorsement.

Tommy Robinson reiterated his support for UKIP after leaving the EDL in December 2014, citing UKIP’s position on ‘Islamic ideology’ as the main reason:

"I’m sure every other of their policies will go against working men like me, but they understand us. I don’t really even have a problem with immigration, as I said, I’m the son of immigrants, but it’s this Islamic ideology that everyone else is failing to address."

Nigel Farage has a certain amount of common ground with the English Defence League in Dudley, where the far right group is vigorously campaigning against a mega mosque. Farage pandered to EDL grievance and said that large mosques are “not necessarily a great idea” on a visit to the town in April 2015.

It was revealed that a UKIP chairman in Uxbridge marched with the EDL in east London in March 2011.

In February 2015, UKIP’s candidate in Newport East resigned after endorsing BNP comments calling gay people “perverts” and “paedophiles” and endorsing an EDL post which called for "no surrender to militant Islam or political correctness."

Former BNP leader Nick Griffin

In November 2014, the former BNP leader Nick Griffin said that he would “hold nose & vote Ukip because it will help break up the Westminster system & hold Cameron's feet to referendum fire.” In 2009, Nick Griffin said that Islam was a “cancer”, needed to be removed through “chemotherapy” and that there was “no place in Europe for Islam”. He has also described Islam as a “wicked, vicious faith”.

The Front National

UKIP rejected any deal with France’s Front National, but the far-right party’s leader Marine Le Pen suggested that the two parties joined together to bring down the EU's "Berlin wall of Brussels". Le Pen said her “arms will be open” to Nigel Farage. Le Pen compared Islamic prayers to Nazi occupation at a rally in Lyon in 2010. at a rally in Lyon in 2010.








UKIP’s ‘friends’ in Europe

European Parliament (2014-Present)

In the European Parliament, UKIP is part of the Europe for Freedom and Democracy (EFD) bloc, a grouping which has included far-right parties from across Europe.

Björn Söder, who is a Deputy Speaker in the Swedish parliament for Sverigedemokraterna (The Swedish Democrats), part of the same European Parliament bloc as UKIP said in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack in January 2015 that “the religion of peace [Islam] shows its face”. A former leader of the group also said that Islam should be banned in Sweden and "those who persist in believing in the religion" should be deported.

European Parliament (2009-2014)

From 2009 to 2014, Italy’s Lega Nord (Northern League) were the second largest political party (after UKIP) in the EFD Grouping. After the Charlie Hebdo attack, the leader of the Northern League Matteo Salvini said that “Islam was dangerous” and criticised the lack of “moderate Muslims taking to the streets”. Salvini also said that “now is not the time to build more mosques”. Salvini has accused Muslims of “trying to impose a way of life that is incompatible with ours”. The Northern League mayor of Padua also said “no to new mosques” on the Friday following the attack. The Northern League’s Francesco Speroni, who was co-president of the EFD group with Nigel Farage from 2009 to 2014, defended Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik, saying that his “ideas are in defence of western civilisation.”

Bulgarian MEP Slavi Binev of the nationalist National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria, who spoke at the UKIP Party Conference in 2013, compared childbearing Muslim women to Osama Bin Laden:

"If Osama bin Laden symbolises the cruellest aspect of the Islam for the Americans, then the Muslim woman with her numerous children are his European equivalent.”

So…Does UKIP hate Islam?