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For more than forty years Caabu has taken a lead in encouraging constructive engagement with the Arab world and Arab-British communities in British schools. Given that most people in Britain have a very limited understanding of the Arab world, its peoples, culture and history, working with young people is one of the most valuable contributions we can make.

You can help Caabu take forward some of our exciting and innovative education plans.

Sponsor the cost of a school talk (£150).

Some things can’t be learned from books or online. Our school talks and workshops are an excellent way to get students to think beyond some of the Arab stereotypes they encounter in films, on the TV or in their video games. For many, a session with Caabu is their only opportunity to hear about the Arab world from a different perspective and our thought-provoking presentations – which have been praised as both informative and entertaining – are extremely effective in challenging negative images and injustice.

Cover the annual cost of an Associate School Speaker for one year (£5,000)

Caabu has an excellent network of high-calibre speakers whose different specialisations and experiences are invaluable to our school talks. It is essential our education programme continues to benefit from the contribution they can make. By covering the annual cost of one of our speakers you will help us deepen the education programme’s reach across the country and build upon the growing emphasis on global citizenship in British schools.

Cover the cost of an art workshop (£3,000)

Instead of demanding more time and resources from overstretched teachers and schools, we aim to run art workshops during the school holidays. These workshops will enable interested students to learn more about Arab culture and to work in a relaxed atmosphere with professional artists from the region. Your sponsorship will help us to bring curiosity about the Arab world out of the classroom into other creative spaces so as to inspire a lasting commitment to knowing more about the region and its culture.

Sponsor an educational quiz (£3,455)

Quizzes are great at motivating students and measuring their knowledge, abilities and skills. They encourage active engagement with challenging topics in a way that also helps to promote self-study and independent learning. With your help we can develop an interactive quiz on current events in the Arab world that is both instructive and fun to use, providing students with an ideal precursor to a Caabu talk or workshop.

Cover the cost, or contribute towards, Tahrir Square Stories (£44,565)

Why did experts fail to see or understand the growing popular unrest preceding the Arab uprisings? Why did revolution seem so unthinkable before December 2010? And how have the protests transformed our understanding of political activism and collective mobilisation? To help students understand the significance of the protests across the region, we plan to produce an accessible, interactive teaching resource. ‘Tahrir Square Stories’ will bring the video, audio and written narratives produced by young people across the Arab world to their counterparts in the UK and will also provide an essential critique of the media's coverage of events. Click here for a full project proposal.

Cover the cost of, or contribute towards, Caabu's education programme (£74,988)

Caabu has an outstanding record in education work and every year we are inundated with requests from schools. Your support will enable around 15,000 students to benefit from a programme that encourages engagement with a range of topics the education system does not sufficiently address – from Palestine and the Arab uprisings to perceptions of Arabs and Muslims in the UK. Through a variety of talks, workshops, teaching materials and cultural days we appeal to students with diverse interests, allowing them to develop their knowledge and skills in different areas. Click here for a full project proposal.

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