Post-16 resources

Resources for post-16 students are being updated, please check back soon for more and refer to the resources for secondary students.

If you are interested in the Arab World but unsure where to begin, Caabu has collated a list of suggested readings and movies which are a general Introduction to the Arab World. A mixture of movies and books have been included and are updated regularly. Get in touch if you would like to recommend any additional materials!

Intro to the Arab World Suggested Materials list



Be sure to check out and support Caabu's page on the bookshop, where many of these titles can be found.

Note: All views expressed within the titles are solely of the authors/creators and do not necessarily represent views held by Caabu.


Where to study Arabic? 

Whether you have just finished school or college, or you are just interested in studying Arabic, Caabu has compiled a list of suggested places to study the language! There are virtual options as well as in person so you can decide which option is best for you! 

You can also read the fascinating blog from Caabu intern Meredith Bashaarat about why studying Arabic is so exciting!


NaTakallam has kindly offered a discount to those who sign up through Caabu. Email [email protected] for more information!