Letters from the Arab World

'Letters from the Arab World' is a pilot project run by Caabu and Al Muntaha. You can find letters below written from students within the Arab World!

We encourage students to respond to the letters below and send them in to us. If you would like to learn more about this project and get involved, please email Nazifa at [email protected]


Below you can find a range of letters from students across the Arab World from countries such as Palestine and Lebanon!

The letters simply discuss the lives and culture of these children and have been made accessible to demonstrate letter writing as a form of global awareness and cultural exchange. These letters can be used to supplement school activities or even at home!

"I would like to get to know you too and to learn about your life and culture" - Dana, 11 from Gaza

Yusuf's letter (9 years old)                                     Reem's letter (12 years old)

Yousef's letter (10 years old)                                 Sama's letter (14 years old)

Yazan's letter (17 years old)                                  Dana's letter (11 years old)

Yahya's letter (13 years old)                                  Aya's letter (20 years old)

Waseel's letter (13 years old)                                Asmaa's letter (10 years old)

Shahed's letter (11 years old)                                Arwa's letter (8 years old)

Roaa's letter (12 years old)                                   Majd's letter