What we've done

Ours is not an easy task, given our size and resources, but Caabu has a strong track record of achievements.

Thanks to the support of our members and friends we have:


  • Become one of the largest NGOs in the UK working on Arab-British relations in Parliament with ministers, senior civil servants, MPs and Lords from across the political spectrum


  • Raised key issues affecting the region with leading politicians and civil servants - such as democratic reform in the Middle East and North Africa, the arms trade, Universal Jurisdiction, the siege of Gaza and settlements
  • Taken 60 parliamentary delegations to the Arab world since 1997, involving over 200 MPs and Lords
  • Gained a track record as a source for thorough parliamentary briefings on the region, producing regular reports on critical issues affecting the Arab world
  • Signed up over 600 general and over 110 parliamentarian members


  • Organised a major speaking tour to the UK for Tawakkul Karman, the Yemeni co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 
  • Run a well-attended events programme, hosting a wide range of expert speakers at the House of Commons, party conferences, the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce, the Foreign Press Association and a variety of British universities
  • Organised a series of round-table seminars for journalists and NGO workers at the Arab British Centre


  • Worked with around 15,000 schoolchildren every year
  • Produced an array of original teaching materials on stereotypes of the Arab world and Muslims, the media, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and more
  • Worked with the British Council on their Connecting Classrooms Programme for schools linking with the Near East, North Africa and the Middle East
  • Provided advice to the Victoria and Albert Museum for their annual Arab World Family Learning Programme and the Arab Artist in Residence programme at the BALTIC, the largest centre for contemporary art in the north of the country


  • Monitor media coverage of the Arab world, and discuss this with editors
  • Supplied essential media training to spokespeople on the Middle East
  • Participated in over 250 interviews in the British media over the past two years
  • Run a well-subscribed Media and Parliamentary internship scheme providing an opportunity for graduates in Middle Eastern studies, politics and international relations to develop their skills working in the non-profit sector.