Applications open for Caabu workshop: Military intervention in Syria: should be have intervened or not?


Caabu welcomes applications for a new workshop on:

Military intervention in Syria: should we have intervened or not?

Students will:

  • Be exposed to new and diverse ways of thinking
  • Be challenged to think beyond their preconceptions
  • Be energised to debate key topics drawing on informed and educated arguments


For more details, click 'Student Application, Military Force in Syria' under Resources.

Send your applications to Kate at by 8 February 2019

The workshops are done in partnership with NaTakallam and Help Refugees UK. More information about Caabu's education programme can be found here.


























The Council for Arab-British Understanding (Caabu) is pleased to announce the education programme has returned to full effect, providing lively, expert speakers to address knowledge gaps about the Arab world. As a result of fresh funding we are now able to offer talks and workshops free of charge to schools throughout Britain. Caabu provides students with the opportunity to hear an informed perspective that encourages debate and a questioning approach, particularly crucial during a time of media prevalence regarding the Middle East.