Tulip Siddiq (Hampstead and Kilburn)

Tulip Siddiq (Hampstead and Kilburn)

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1) Should and will the UK recognise Palestine? What would be the reasons for and against recognition?

I believe that the UK Government should recognise Palestine - and it is Labour policy to do so if we were to take office. My reason for supporting it is that I support self-determination for both Palestinians and Israelis, and this cannot be achieved without a viable and secure Palestinian State. The arguments against, that I don't subscribe to, often focus on the need for such an outcome to be decided by direct negotiations. Though I believe that there are many matters that will require direct negotiations between the two parties - I believe that UK support for the formal recognition of a Palestinian State is a moral imperative and is long overdue.

2) Should the UK call for an end to all illegal Israeli settlement construction on Palestinian land, and stop trade with Israeli settlements? Do you consider settlements as an obstacle to peace, and what can the UK Government do about them?

The current Government and the Labour Party both view settlement construction in the West Bank as illegal under international law. On that basis, I believe we should be consistent in calling for Israel to end new construction initiatives. I do believe that produce from settlements should be labelled as such, and I personally wouldn't choose to buy from them. The UK must be clear that continued expansion of settlements will affect trade, otherwise there can be no incentive for Israel to return to the negotiating table, and no reason for the Palestinians to believe that they will ever have a state of their own