Peter Banks (Harwich and North Essex)

Peter Banks (Harwich and North Essex)

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I would like to mention that in 2014 I visited and worked in the West Bank therefore my answers are based on my eye opening experiences formed whilst there.

1) Do you think that the UK should recognize the State of Palestine? If so, why? If not, why not?

Yes, the UK is lagging behind UN member states and due to elements of the Balfour Declaration we are partly culpable for the plight of the Palestinians.

2) Should the UK call for an end to Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem and stop trade with existing Israeli settlements? If you consider settlements an obstacle to peace, what do you think the UK government can do about this?

Absolutely. The UK needs to take a lead and not simply follow what the current president of the United States declares.

3) Should guarantees on human rights be a condition of new free trade agreements after the UK leaves the EU?


4) Should local councils be allowed to boycott or sanction foreign states with poor human rights records? (If you think they should not, would you regard a ban as being compatible with local democracy?

Yes and they should be able to implement boycotts without fear of reprisal of threats of antisemitism for doing so.