David Stansell (Hampstead and Kilburn)

David Stansell (Hampstead and Kilburn)

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1) Should and will the UK recognise Palestine? What would be the reasons for and against recognition?

2) Should the UK call for an end to all illegal Israeli settlement construction on Palestinian land, and stop trade with Israeli settlements? Do you consider settlements as an obstacle to peace, and what can the UK Government do about them?

In short the answers to your question are 'yes' and 'yes'. My personal view is that there has been terrible injustice here and the UN resolutions must be followed, and settlement should be halted. I note that the EU has mandated that any produce from those settlements should be labelled as such so that consumers can choose whether to purchase those goods and I support that initiative.

If the UK Government followed the official Green Party policy which I attach below I think that would make a considerable difference. I also believe that by remaining as a member of the EU, many members of which have the same concerns on this topic, we can obtain far more international leverage to bring this terrible conflict to an end.

Please find the Green Party official position on this crisis below - I recommend you search for Palestine to go directly to the relevant section.