Michael Fabricant (Lichfield)

Michael Fabricant (Lichfield)

Twitter: @Mike_Fabricant. More information can be found here

I am sorry, but I do not answer long questionnaires.

We would all like to see peace in the Middle East and I would suggest that, if possible, you attend the hustings in Lichfield at the Wade Street Church, Wade Street, Lichfield, on Monday 9th December at 7.30 where you can ask me some of your questions in person. 

The following questions were asked of the candidate: 

1) Do you agree that the UK should recognise Palestine? What would be your reasons for and against recognition?

2) Should the UK call for an end to all illegal Israeli settlement construction on Palestinian land, and stop trade with Israeli settlements? Do you consider settlements as an obstacle to peace, and what can the UK Government do about them?

3) Do you think that the UK's response to the refugee crisis has been satisfactory? What more should the UK be doing, in particular in countries where most refugees are being hosted?

4) Should guarantees on human rights be a condition of new free trade agreements after the UK leaves the EU?

5) Will Brexit change Britain's foreign policy priorities in the Middle East? If so, how? What role can the UK play in the Middle East?

6) Do you think the UK could/should be doing more to uphold the rule of international law in the Middle East?

7) Do you believe that Britain should take back children of British ISIS fighters from Iraq and Syria?

8) Do you think that the government should suspend arms exports to Saudi Arabia over its involvement in the bombing campaign of Yemen?

9) What would you propose to address increasing levels of hate crime in Britain, including attacks on the Muslim community, Jewish community, and on refugees and migrants?