Labour Party leaked manifesto text 2017

A draft of the Labour Manifesto was leaked on 11 May 2017. It can be read in full here.

Diverse Communities

"The Labour Party is the party of equality. We seek to build a society free from all forms of racism, anti-Semitism and lslamophobia.

We should all be deeply troubled by the rise in racially aggravated attacks and race hate crime this year. Anti-Semitic incidents are also on the rise once more and we are committed to combating this trend with adequate resources and firm political will.

Commissioning a report on our own Party was an unprecedented step in British politics, demonstrating a commitment to tackling prejudice wherever it is found. Labour is already acting on recommendations, including reform of internal disciplinary procedures to makethem firmer and fairer, and expansion of training to tackle anti-Semitism. On a matter of such importance, Labour urges all democratic political parties to do the same.

A Global Britain

"Labour will put conflict resolution and human rights at the heart of foreign policy, commit to working through the United Nations, end support for aggressive wars of intervention and back effective action to alleviate the refugee crisis.

We will build human rights and social justice into trade policy, honour our international treaty obligations and encourage others to do the same.

Labour believes Britain’s foreign policy should be guided by the values of peace, universal rights and international law. Today, these values and institutions are being tested. Recent developments in politics at home and abroad have demonstrated the temptation to turn away from the world is great. As we leave the European Union, keeping Britain global is our country’s most urgent task.

We face the most complex, interwoven security and development challenges of our time; ongoing wars across the Middle East, unprecedented numbers of refugees, the threat of nuclear conflict, a devastating food crisis across East Africa and beyond, and more combative governments in the US and Russia.

Britain has an interest in and an influence over what happens on the world stage. The lessons of the past, including those from the Chilcot Inquiry, show us why our response to the questions of global peace and security must be different.

The Conservatives have no answers to the challenges we face.

A Labour government will pursue a triple commitment to all the interwoven foreign policy instruments of development, defence and diplomacy. We will strengthen Britain’s commitment to the UN."


"Conservative cuts mean Britain now spends less per head on diplomacy than Germany, France, Australia or Canada. Labour was central to securing international spending targets on defence and development. Now our leadership is required again. A Labour government will commit to secure a new global agreement for a minimum target of government spending on diplomacy and conflict resolution.

From Yemen to Sudan, Afghanistan to Iraq and across the Middle East to Africa, in recent years millions of people have been killed, injured or displaced through wars and military intervention. In Syria alone, after six years of war, more than 400,000 people have been killed. Labour will strain sinew to end the conflict and get the diplomatic process back on track, while giving our full support to international efforts to investigate, prosecute and convict the perpetrators of war crimes.

Labour is committed to a comprehensive peace in the Middle East based on a two-state solution, that means a secure Israel alongside a secure and viable state of Palestine. The expansion of Israeli settlements on the Palestinian West Bank is not only wrong and illegal, but represents a threat to the very viability of the hopes of securing a successful outcome of the peace process. We cannot accept the continued humanitarian crisis in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and we will support Palestinian recognition at the UN.

At the heart of Labour foreign policy will be a strong commitment to reducing human suffering as a result of conflict. The next Labour government will publish a strategy for protecting civilians in conflict. This will set out detailed plans for our work on conflict prevention and resolution, post-conflict peacebuilding, and justice for the victims of war crimes. As part of these efforts we will work to strengthen multilateral institutions, particularly the UN.

While strengthening our commitment to the UN, we also acknowledge its shortcomings, particularly in light of repeated abuses of the veto power by some permanent members of the UN Security Council. We will work with allies and partners from around the world to build support for UN reform in order to make its institutions more effective and responsive.

Labour supports the contribution of a responsible arms industry to the UK economy. However, we also believe that strong export controls have a vital role to play in sustaining a legitimate trade in arms. The UK has played a key role in the creating of many international treaties banning cluster munitions, landmines, and the development of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). But the Conservatives risk becoming the first country facing legal action for failing to abide by its rules.

Labour will implement the ATT to a consistently high standard, including ceasing arms exports to countries where there is concern that they will be used to commit war crimes and human rights violations.

The next Labour government will act immediately to suspend any further arms sales to Saudi Arabia, and its coalition partners, until they can prove that they are willing and able to comply with international humanitarian law."


Labour has a proud record on international development. We will continue to meet the UK’s commitment to spend 0.7 per cent of GDP.

 Labour will take robust action to end the self-regulation of DflD private contractors, establishing new rules and enforcing them to ensure aid is used to reduce poverty for the many, not to increase profits for the few.

Labour will develop a targeted development agenda based on the principles of redistribution, social justice and poverty reduction. We can make our world a better place.

 We fully support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agreed by the international community as a global agenda for poverty eradication and environmental protection. Labour will develop a cross-government strategy for ensuring the SDGs are implemented, and report annually to Parliament on our performance.

In the wake of Brexit, and in fulfilment of our national obligations under the SDGs, Labour will guarantee the world’s least developed countries continued access to the UK market to protect their vital export revenues.

There are now more refugees and displaced people around the world than any time since the Second World War. This is a failure of diplomacy, conflict resolution and of human rights, which is why they will be at the heart of Labour’s foreign policy.

 The Conservatives have completely failed to show any leadership on this issue. In the first 1 00 days of government will produce a cross-departmental strategy on the refugee crisis so that we meet our international obligations.