Syria's humanitarian crisis: a joint parliamentary briefing with Caabu and Islamic Relief

Posted by Caabu on 16 May 2013

On Wednesday 15th May, Caabu and Islamic Relief hosted a joint parliamentary briefing on the humanitarian crisis in Syria. Caabu's director Chris Doyle spoke on a panel with Reza Afshar, head of the Syria team at the Foreign Office, Shadow Foreign Minister Ian Lucas, and Islamic Relief's UK director Jehangir Malik. You can listen to a recording of the whole briefing here.

Caabu's director Chris Doyle said:

"This is no longer just a Syrian crisis but also a Lebanese crisis, a Turkish crisis, a Jordanian crisis – a true regional disaster.  Today every area in Syria is unsafe, every family is affected and every child traumatised.  The only guaranteed prediction one can make is that it will get worse, much worse. The only thing that gives hope is the extraordinary courage and determination of ordinary Syrians, who never tire of working for their communities, keeping services running and trying to build a future in the face of this horror."

The event was covered in the Guardian, in particular comments made by the Foreign Office's Reza Afshar about weapons in Syria.