Saeb Erakat addresses Caabu Parliamentary reception - 19 June 2019

Posted by Caabu on 24 Jun 2019

Dr Saeb Erakat, the PLO Secretary-General and Chief Negotiatior addressed a major Caabu Parliamentary reception in Westminster on 19 June with senior MPs in attendance.

The veteran negotiator was highly critical of the approach of the Trump administration and its lack of a support for a two-state solution. He argued that focussing solely on Palestinian needs not focussing Palestinian rights would fail.  “Palestinians as far as this administration is concerned are not people.”  He said that he would not sit with this US administration.

Erakat also urged the UK govt to recognise state of Palestine as a moral and historic responsibility on the 1967 lines.  He also called for an also end trade with illegal settlements.

Saeb Erakat addresses Caabu Parliamentary reception - 19 June 2019 from Caabu on Vimeo.

Dr Erakat was introduced by the Palestinian Ambassador, Dr Husam Zomlot and by Caabu's Chair Rt Hon David Jones MP. 

In his speech, David Jones highlighted the importance of Caabu's parliamentary delegations. He said:

"Caabu has taken over 70 Parliamentary delegations since 1997 with over 200 delegates – showing politicians the situation on the ground, and leaving a profound effect on them. Many of them who have been on such delegations are here tonight, as are our friends from Medical Aid for Palestinians who were are proud to partner with."  

He also spoke about the importance of Caabu's education programme. He said:

"To give you an idea, we have gone to – schools, and addressed over 3000 students, in schools around the country in just the first five months of the year.  We challenge students to think about the Arab World, about what it is like to be a refugee, stereotypes of Arabs and Muslims. Vital work not least at a time of increased hatred and dehumanisation."   

You can watch more from the reception here