Interview with the Guardian about President Assad's comments on ABC News

Posted by Caabu on 07 Dec 2011 | Comments

Chris Doyle talks to the Guardian about Bashar Al Assad's interview with ABC news


Syrians must be very confused. On the one hand he [Assad] is the icon of the regime the man in charge, with huge portraits of him being shown everywhere, but then he is telling American viewers that he is not responsible for anything. If he doesn't run the security services and the armed forces who does?

If there is no command coming from the regime why are these killings and arrests all happening?

We are seeing Bashar al-Assad portraying himself as a Syrian version of Walter Mitty, he is in an alternative reality ...

He is trying to deny all responsibility and wash his hands of the very serious crimes he is accused of.

Doyle said Assad's denials have no credibility.

There is a systematic element to what is going on. The mass arrests, the killings, the torture and the way in which they have targeted peaceful demonstrations, demonstrates quite clearly that there is an organised command structure.

Doyle said Assad has "lost control" of the country and any residual respect of Syrians.

He is isolated in Syria, in the region and internationally and has no strategy for getting out of a very serious crisis. The only tool he has left is force and yet more force.


7 December 2011