Comments from Chris Doyle on the UK's backing of an attempt to lift sanctions on Assad's London fixer

Posted by Caabu on 02 Aug 2013

The UK is to back the lifting of sanctions on Syrian millionaire businessman and friend of president Bashar al-Assad, Suleiman Marouf. Foreign Secretary William Hague has agreed to back the removal of a travel ban and asset freeze on Marouf, who acted as the London fixer for the Syrian president and his family. Marouf was put on the EU sanctions list in October 2012. His links to the Syrian president were highlighted by The Times. Commenting on this decision for The Times, Caabu's director Chris Doyle said:

“The sanctions against Assad stooges will look a shambles if Assad’s man in London is pulled off the EU list . . . Imagine how it looks as the regime finishes the flattening of Homs, whilst Marouf goes back to helping Asma Assad kit out her palaces from Harrods.”

You can read the article in full here.