Caabu welcomes UK Government support for Omar Shakir and Human Rights Watch and reiteration that it is against Israel's planned deportation

Caabu welcomes the fact that the UK Government has reiterated its support for Omar Shakir and Human Rights Watch and is against the deportation of him by Israel. In International Development Questions on 1 May 2019, International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt said that she was "very happy to echo" the statement from 27 EU states (minus Hungary) at the UN Security Council on 29 April 2019, which "urged Israel to allow Mr. Shakir and Human Rights Watch to continue their human rights advocacy work unimpeded."

More on the statement can be read here and you can watch the statement here between 1:07:00 and 1:08:00.

The original question at International Development Questions was asked by Chair of the Britain-Palestine AAll Party Parliamentary Group, Richard Burden MP, who raised the fact that Omar Shakir faces deportation "for highlighting impact on welfare of Palestinians of doing business in illegal settlements".