Caabu Letter in the Daily Telegraph on Boris Johnson and the Balfour Declaration

Posted by Chris Doyle on 01 Nov 2017

This is the text of a letter published (1 November 2017) in the Daily Telegraph about the Balfour Declaration in response to an article by Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary on 30 October.


Mr Johnson’s new found praise for Balfour somehow grates with what he wrote in his book on Churchill in which he called it “an exquisite piece of Foreign Office fudgerama.”

The declaration was just that.  Its author Arthur Balfour made it clear that there was no intention of consulting the indigenous population of Palestine, who at the time of the declaration was 90 per cent Arab. The promises to Arabs were ignored or broken.

Mr Johnson rightly pushes for an independent sovereign Palestinian state based on the 1967 lines.  The reality on the ground is that Israel, the occupying power, is doing everything to prevent this. The Israeli Prime Minister has stated that Jerusalem will never be shared, and has backed the effective annexation of an expanded Jerusalem whilst planning to deprive 120,000 Palestinian Jerusalem natives of their right to vote. If Mr Johnson is serious, he cannot fudge the challenge of ending this 50-year-old occupation.

Yours faithfully


Chris Doyle
Council for Arab-British Understanding

Letter in the Daily Telegraph on Balfour