Caabu on the Israel-Palestine Crisis June-July 2014

Posted by Caabu on 23 Jul 2014

Israel-Palestine Crisis June - August 2014

The escalation between Israel and Palestine is intensifying on a daily basis. We urge our members and supporters to write to their MPs about the situation, in particular regarding Gaza at the moment calling not just for a ceasefire but efforts to end the crisis on a permanent basis including an end of the blockade and occupation. 

Press Releases

On Tuesday 8 July, Caabu issued a press release on the situation in Gaza, stating that "the movement of Israeli forces including tanks to the edge of Gaza is a highly dangerous escalation of the dangerous situation between Israel and Palestine." Caabu's director Chris Doyle said:

 "The last thing the Middle East needs now is another bunch of pyromaniacs adding to the fire.  Invading and smashing Gaza has never worked. It did not work in 1956, 1967, 1973, 1987-93, 2006, 2008-9, 2012 among other assaults, so why will an Israeli invasion work now?"

Caabu also called on the international community to insist on international law and human rights as the only way to de-escalate the crisis between Israel and Palestine:

"The killing of three Israeli teenagers does not justify collective punishment or violations of international law any more than the killing of Palestinian children justified killing Israelis or indiscriminate rocket fire out of Gaza."

News Articles 

On 2 July, Caabu's director Chris Doyle wrote an opinion piece in the Daily Telegraph: Deaths of Israeli teenagers is raw, but vengeance will not bring security.

He was also quoted in Middle East Eye on 15 July on the strategy to keep Gaza seperate from the West Bank. He said:

“Israeli government strategy is difficult to define, as it is a coalition containing differing views, but ultimately they want to push settlement expansion in the West Bank, which is made easier when there is Palestinian political disunity. It is the Likud strategy to keep Gaza separate from the West Bank and whether this is a ceasefire or not, they will want to keep tensions brewing in order to weaken the Palestinian movement.”

Caabu wrote a letter to the Independent on 16 July in response to an opinion piece by Israel's ambassador in London, Daniel Taub: There is only one Gaza - and it is being destroyed.

In comments to NBC News on 22 July, Caabu's director Chris Doyle spoke of Hamas and the Israeli army strategies in Gaza. Doyle has also written various articles: 

Time to look at Israeli incitement not just Palestinian - Middle East Eye

This conflict is about Palestine's existence, not Israel's - Al Arabiya English

Netanyahu needs Hamas, and here's why - Al Arabiya English

Podcasts & Interviews

Chris Doyle was also part of a panel discussion on a Daily Telegraph Podcast on the crisis on 10 July. He emphasised a need for a full ceasefire and long term solutions, pointing out that in the past, the international community had simply forgotten about Gaza and allowed the blockade to continue. 

Comedian, actor and author Alexei Sayle has spoken to Caabu about the current Israeli attacks on Gaza. He said:

"Israel is now the Jimmy Savile of nation states, it clearly doesn't care about damaging the lives of children, it thinks that everybody else is in the wrong, and it is endlessly in the right, and also it's a state that is endlessly again indulged by the power, by Western powers, by governments everywhere because they're frightened of it, frightened of it physically in some ways and of its kind of anger and of the power that it wields and its influence."

Parliamentary Interventions

On Tuesday 8 July, Caabu's Chair Andy Love MP was a signatory on a letter to the Guardian alongside other Members of Parliament and Lords calling for an end to the occupation of the West Bank including East Jerusalem, as well as Gaza.

In a Parliamentary debate on Gaza in the House of Commons on Monday 14 July, following a statement from the Foreign Secretary, thirteen members of Parliament who had been on Caabu delegations to Palestine, spoke. They included former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw MP and the former leader of the Liberal Democrats, Sir Menzies Campbell MP. Caabu's Chair Andy Love MP and board member Crispin Blunt MP also spoke in the debate.

In a debate in Parliament on Gaza on 21 July, Caabu's chair Andy Love MP asked the Prime Minister David Cameron if the Government would back the United Nations in a peacekeeping role in Gaza. Board member Crispin Blunt MP also said that Israel was in "consistent" and "grievous breach of Geneva conventions", highlighting the extensive death toll of Palestinian children in the conflict since 2000.


On Monday 21 July, Caabu sent out a brieifing to MPs on the situation in Gaza, ahead of Foreign Affairs Questions on Tuesday 21 July. At this point, over 500 Palestinians had been killed in Gaza.

We also called on our supporters to write to their MPs, urging them to push the Government on Gaza, callng for an immediate ceasefire, an indepenent international investigation, a lifting of the blockade, and end to settlement trade, and a full arms embargo on Israel.