Caabu director Chris Doyle speaks about a lack of political support in the UK for arming Syrian rebels, and the stumbling blocks to talks in Geneva on Voice of Russia radio

Posted by Caabu on 18 Jul 2013

Speaking on The Voice of Russia radio on 15th July 2013, Caabu's director Chris Doyle has said that political opposition in the UK Parliament to armin Syrian rebels would mean that assistance to them would be limited, and would be more in terms of training and logistical support rather than lethal weaponry. He said:

"Given the levels of opposition, and remember that the Labour party certainly opposes arming the Syrian rebels, it's likely that the Liberal Democrats will too, it may well be that the British government may not join other countries in arming but provide training and other logistical support, rather than the supply of lethal weaponry."

Doyle also emphasises the importance of diplomatic talks, and spoke of the failure to set a date for Geneva talks. He spoke of the friction between Western nations on one side, and Iran and Russia on the other, but also parties inside Syria itself being a stumbling block to negotiations. He said:

"The fear is that the Assad regime that is increasingly feeling very confident will be in no mood to engage in serious negotiations and of course on the other side the Syrian political opposition is still very much divided, unsure as to what to do in terms of representation at any conference, on who would go and who would not, because for many in the Syrian opposition, to negotiate with this regime is a red line they will not cross."

You can listen to the interview in full here.