The basis of the case for intervention in Syria needs to be tightened, Caabu's director Chris Doyle tells the BBC

Posted by Caabu on 29 Aug 2013

In an interview with the BBC, Caabu Director, Chris Doyle said that there was a case for intervention in Syria given the brutality of the regime,  the deaths of over 100,000 Syrians and the reported use of chemical weapons. 

However, the basis of the case hadto be tightened. Firstly, the evidence for chemical weapons' use by the regime has to be established and above all, the UN inspectors must be allowed to finish their work and report to the Security Council. 

If chemical weapons use by the regime is established, then the government needs to present a convincing case as to why and how an intervention will improve the situation in Syria and not make it worse. There needs to be a clear objective and success has to be defined. 

Doyle stressed that "no intervention would work unless there was a clear overall, joined up political and military strategy. Such a strategy has not been developed so far during the Syria crisis.There was a significant danger that far from preventing future use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime, it may even provoke their use. The regime may well escalate by bringing in other countries and launching a variety of attacks to inflame the region.

Moreover, it was vital that all political and diplomatic options had been fully explored and exhausted given the acute dangers of conflict. As yet, more could be done to bring about a political solution.

Finally, there must be a humanitarian plan as to how to assist the millions of Syrians in desperate need who may be further cut off and endangered during a conflict."