Caabu delegates tweet, blog and film from Palestine

Posted by Caabu on 08 Dec 2012

Caabu Delegates tweet from Palestine

From 6-10 November, 6 British MPs travelled with Caabu to Palestine. These tweets give you an idea of what they saw. (This feed will be updated Daily)

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Receiving a briefing on the latest developments in Israel & Occupied Palestinian Territories from the UK Consul General, in Jerusalem. #fbDuncan Hames
David Ward MP's #WestBank Diary: #PalestineDavid Ward
On #CaabuDelegation to #Palestine, @SimonDanczuk MP is recording a daily video blog. Watch Day 1 here: (Via @LFPME)Caabu
Jordan Valley should be bread basket of Palestine - except Israel illegal settlements farm it and take all water. Danczuk
Israeli army firing range in Jordan Valley, where Palestinians were displaced to make way for it #CaabuDelegation Danczuk
#FF for the 6 MPs on #CaabuDelegation to #Palestine: @Debbie_Abrahams, @NiaGriffithMP, @SimonDanczuk, @DavidWardMP, @DuncanHames, @DaiHavardCaabu
Day one of my Palestinian video diary: Danczuk
Israel water pumping station in Palestine, taking water to illegal Israeli settlements #CaabuDelegation Danczuk
Returning to Jerusalem from Jordan Valley, where control of water means Settlers can work land that Palestinians can't. #CaabuDelegation #fbDuncan Hames
Israeli's are evicting and displacing Palestinians from their homes and land more than ever. Amazed at patience & calmness of Palestinians.Simon Danczuk
@NiaGriffithMP Shocking to see how Israeli extraction of water leaves Palestinian land parched in Jordan Valley Griffith
LFPME Chair @SimonDanczuk video blog from the Jordan Valley - Day 2 in #Palestine with @Caabu...
Follow reports by MP @SimonDanczuk on harrowing living conditions of #Palestinians and reality of #Israel|i occupation Ramdani
Walked thru Jerusalem old city last night, was here 4 years ago, much more Israeli symbolism (flags, banners, etc) in Muslim Quarter now.Simon Danczuk
Meeting Dr Salam Fayyad, PM of the Palestinian Authority, in Ramallah. Since the UNGA vote he refers to the Occupied State of Palestine. #fbDuncan Hames
Just met with Prime Minister Fayyad, of Palestinian Authority - fascinating discussion about the situation here.Simon Danczuk
Biddu village cut off from its agricultural land by Israeli barrier - farmer access limited to point you'd give up. Danczuk
Day 2 of #WestBank diary: If #Israel's treatment of #Palestinians isn't ethnic cleansing, then what is? pls RTDavid Ward
'Seam zone' - land between Israeli barrier and green line (real border) - welcome to Israel's control of Palestine. Danczuk
RT @josephwillits: In #Palestine's Area C "the policy of controlling water is plain for all to see", says @DavidWardMP on #CaabuDelegation Ward
House at end of this fencing is a Palestinian's home that's surrounded on 3 sides by Israeli barrier #CaabuDelegation Danczuk
Beginning to understand the extent of separation among Palestinians caused by the Wall / Fence. #CaabuDelegation #fb Hames
Thanks to @crescentradio for letting me just come on their show live from Palestine - hope listeners found it informative #CaabuDelegationSimon Danczuk
At farmers coop in KufurQaddamcrimunal to c how Israeli roadblock stops farmers access to olivegroves so crop is wastedNia Griffith
Just visitd Kofor Kadoum Coop for Agricultural Development in Palestine, great olive oil producer. Can @CoopsNW help more? #CaabuDelegationSimon Danczuk