Caabu condemns inconsistent, incoherent and immoral EU policy towards Israel

Posted by Caabu on 23 Jul 2012

23 July 2012– For immediate release

Caabu condemns the decision by EU Ministers to offer Israel various upgrades in its relationship with the European Union at a time when Israel’s contempt for international law and obstruction of moves for peace in the Middle East are at an all-time high.

The decision to offer Israel upgraded trade and diplomatic relations in 60 areas goes against recent statements by the EU Foreign Affairs Council, which in May unanimously expressed concern over the viability of a two-state solution in the face of accelerated settlement construction, increased home demolitions and rising violence from settlers.

Caabu Director, Chris Doyle stated:

“This exposes EU policy at its worse – inconsistent, incoherent and immoral. It makes no sense for the EU to be criticising Israel’s settlement expansion, its treatment of detainees, its home demolitions and theft of land and then to reward it for doing so.

It rewards criminal activity and will only encourage more. EU statements about Israeli behaviour will now appear hollow and meaningless to millions of Palestinians suffering under occupation and blockade. It is contemptible and undermines the EU’s reputation in the Middle East and any claims to support human rights.”


The EU is Israel’s biggest source of imports and its second largest market for exports, after the US.

Israel announced on Sunday that it planned to forcibly evacuate and demolish eight villages south of Hebron on the West Bank. The villages have existed since at least the 1830s, but Israel wants the area for military training.




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