What would you do if rockets were being fired at your cities and towns?

Posted by Caabu on 17 Jul 2014

What would you do if rockets were being fired at your cities and towns?

Chris Doyle

This is the question Israeli spokespeople keep on asking.

Fair question. Of course Israel cannot do nothing, and the rockets against civilians must stop.

But let’s look at what a strategy should not have included:  (Much of the following was going on even before any rockets were ever fired)

Collective punishment of 1.8 million people in Gaza [1];

47 years of occupation;

7 years of blockade and siege[2] of Gaza[3];

Refusing to allow Palestinian civilians to trade and travel freely;

Denial of proper fishing rights[4];

Targeting of civilians[5]; the targeting of civilian infrastructure including schools and hospitals;

The demolition of homes[6]; the demolition of homes of suspects’ families; the demolition of tents and caves;

The widespread denial of building permits for Palestinians in the West Bank[7];

The widespread and increased use of live ammunition in non-life threatening situations[8];

The use of white phosphorous in heavily populated areas[9];

The taking and colonisation of another people’s land (settlements[10]);

The theft of resources including water, stone[11] and artefacts;

The fragmentation of occupied territory into 227 different parts[12];

The use of military zones, firing zones[13] and nature zones[14] to depopulate areas of the West Bank;

Expelling Palestinians from the Jordan valley[15];

Night time arrests of children[16]; their detention and interrogation without an appropriate adult; the processing of children through military courts[17]; the use of confessions in a language (Hebrew) that most Palestinians do not understand; the transfer of protected population out of occupied territory; the widespread use of administrative detention; the use of torture[18];

The removal of Palestinian residency rights in Jerusalem[19];

The partition of Hebron[20] and the closures of Palestinian shops and markets; Allowing armed settlers to act with impunity[21];

It would include adhering to international law, human rights conventions, UN Security Council Resolutions;

Negotiating in good faith with those prepared to do a deal;

Agreeing to recognise the right of self-determination of the Palestinian people; The right to an independent viable sovereign Palestinian state[22];

A generous offer to resolve the question of refugees;

An offer to share the wonderful city of Jerusalem;

It would include treating Palestinians as humans with dignity and expecting the same in return.

And so I wonder – if none of the above had happened would we be where we are now?


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