Kate Middleton


Kate Middleton joined Caabu in October 2018 as Education Officer. Kate will be developing the organisations education outreach, offering talks and workshops to schools throughout Britain.

Before arriving at Caabu, Kate worked for InterEuropean Humanitarian Aid in Greece for two years. Based in a large refugee camp in the North, Kate worked on first response aid, managing refugees crossing the land border with Turkey.

Kate’s background is History teaching. Graduating from Cambridge, Kate taught at Clapton Girls’ Academy and The Petchey Academy, two secondary Academy’s based in Hackney. Kate ran the History department for two years, focussing on developing the new A Level syllabus introduced in 2015.  

Kate also works at the Amjad & Shua Bseisu Foundation developing the scholarship programme. The Foundation supports exceptional students from the Levant to study in the US and UK.


To contact Kate, you can email (middletonk@caabu.org) or telephone (0207 832 1322)