New Caabu report highlights extensive abuse of Palestinian detainees

Posted by Caabu on 11 Oct 2012

With roughly three-quarters of a million Palestinians imprisoned since Israel’s occupation began, there are few Palestinian families who have not had a member in an Israeli jail.

Caabu’s latest report, Palestinian detainees: no security in injustice, provides an in-depth examination of the issue of prisoners in both Israeli and Palestinian jails.

The report emphasises the seriousness of the prisoner issue, and how the widespread use of detention without trial, rampant ill-treatment and ethnically-segregated systems of law entrench mistrust, increase tensions and ultimately exacerbate the conflict. 




Caabu’s Director, Chris Doyle, said of the report:

“How can it be right that a Jewish settler child must see a civilian judge within 12 hours, when a Palestinian child can wait four days to be seen by a military judge? The settler child must see a lawyer within two days, a Palestinian can wait 90. These are just two examples of the embedded and deliberate discrimination of Israel’s justice system which must be challenged if we are to foster any semblance of peace in the region.”


Caabu has demanded action on this important issue by calling on the government to:

  • Pressure Israel to end all discriminatory practices;
  • Demand that administrative detention only be used as a matter of last resort and for limited periods;
  • Act on the recommendations of the June 2012 Foreign Office-backed report on child detainees, including full implementation of international and humanitarian law;
  • Demand that prisoners and detainees be afforded their full rights under international law; and
  • Ensure that no British company is party to violations of the Fourth Geneva Convention, such as G4S’ reported transfer of Palestinian prisoners across the border into Israel.


Find the full report here.

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